changes to the runrev store

Warren Samples warren at
Sat Aug 18 02:58:09 EDT 2012

On 08/18/2012 01:39 AM, Warren Samples wrote:
> On 08/18/2012 01:12 AM, Monte Goulding wrote:
>>> >Does that state that for $999 per license does not include any
>>> updates???
>> That's how I read it. It doesn't run out and my guess is this price is
>> to handle the people that buy lc and still expect support 20 versions
>> later.
>>> >does that state that for 1,499 I get a license with both no
>>> expiration and full updates?
>> That's also how I read it which is a really good deal. Snap that up
>> folks before runrev realize they set the price too low. It should be
>> 2k+ at least. A long time ago when I did some work for them I took a
>> perpetual desktop license (I didn't think to state I wanted all future
>> platforms included) for $2500. Who knows what that would be in today's
>> money.
>> Why do you need to sell pay as you go to your clients?
>> Cheers
>> Monte
> You're not reading it correctly. There's a fuller explanation if you
> select one of those options. "Perpetual" is relative to the "pay as you
> go" model. Pay as you go means your license to use any version of
> LiveCode which is covered under that agreement ends if you stop paying
> the monthly fee. "Perpetual" means that your license remains intact
> after its term expires and you can continue to use all versions of
> LiveCode which you were entitled to up to the date of expiration (and
> probably any subsequent minor point updates?) as do the standard
> traditional licenses.
> LiveCode Complete:
> "For serious developers everywhere, the Master bundle. Get LiveCode
> Development Tools, every deployment option including Desktop, Web,
> Mobile and Server, a year of update releases and access to the LiveCode
> Developer Program. Save yourself almost $900 by getting these essential
> tools in one package, plus get the peace of mind of knowing you will
> automatically receive every new update we release. This is a
> subscription product, it will automatically renew annually for $749, you
> may cancel your subscription at any time."
> Warren

Although maybe I'm not reading Monte's response quite right... :D

It does seem that it's $999 for no updates beyond minor point upgrades 
with the Gold package. How many months is that approximately, compared 
to the full year you're guaranteed to get with the Complete package?

I like that Linux is automatically available under all desktop licenses 
and hopefully a few more people will be encouraged to consider testing 
their work for compatibility under Linux. (Ok. I'm not holding my 
breath, but the most recent license structure surely discouraged it!)


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