How to switch two popovers ?

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ALthough the popover part needs a lot of work esthetically I did put in the code to scroll the field left and right in the button at the top and I put in code in the fields to allow scrolling while mousedown and yet edit text while mouse up in them. 

I don't know what you plan on putting in the popover but this should be a great start for you. ALso, keep in mind this won't be easy to script iOS native text fields and or native controls because they would have to move with the scrolling of the group etc. 

Let me know if you expand upon this.

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On Aug 15, 2012, at 10:25 PM, Thomas McGrath III <3mcgrath at> wrote:

> Jerome,
> I just created a very crude example. It is just to prove that nested scrolling groups could be put into other scrolling groups and that the nested could be restrained to vertical scrolling and the main group could be restrained to horizontal scrolling. This works.
> Here is the link:
> Now to make this work for you I would put a UINavBar at the top inside of the main group to script scroll left to right and back again. Then I would further the nested scrolling group script to make scrolling work from within the text field as well as the back ground (try passing mousedown maybe). (check out the options field which does that on its own.) Then I would make a separate little popover arrow that set itself to the side of the main scrolling group and positioned itself where ever the main car is clicked.
> I didn't want to do it all for you but rather just show you how it can be done.
> HTHs
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