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congratulations on your success! That is inspiring!


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> > John Dixon wrote:
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> >  > I have some apps in the iTunes store... lately, well this weekend one
> > of them, 'TickerTape' started to get some reviews posted on its page...
> >  > I was talking to a friend earlier today who lives in America ( I live
> >  > in England, that funny little island north of mainland europe.) and
> >  > he told me that he cannot see the reviews...
> >  >
> >  > Anyone know how this works ?... When I submitted the apps I set them
> >  > to be sold in all the stores.. Does anyone know how to get the
> >  > reviews seen in the different markets ?
> >
> > Just be glad you've had any reviews at all.  That puts you in a highly
> > desirable minority, since it turns out that some 60% of apps in Apple's
> > app store have never been downloaded at all:
> >
> >
> > App Store has growing population of never-downloaded "zombie apps"
> > <
> >
> Then it seems that I have had a little luck with the three apps that I
> have had in the iTunes store... there are three there at the moment all of
> which were written for different reasons. I never expected that any of the
> apps would make any money... perhaps they would sell a few units and that
> would be it...But since they were accepted by Apple I thought that I would
> try and promote them so that they would not join the '60%' and be complete
> failures, well, as far as sales were concerned anyway.
> I emailed every magazine, newspaper, iphone app review site I could either
> think of or find, but did not get a reply from any of them.. I laugh...
> even with the promise of 'promo' codes...:-) Of the three apps I had
> actually thought that 'Skribble' would be the app that would sell better
> than the other two but this has not been the case...
> Since the first app was put on the iTunes store in May... daily sales of
> all three have teetered between 0 and 6, I smile Thursday and Friday seem
> to be the best days... and there can and are days without any sales at
> all...
> Tickertape 1.0
> This little ditty was put together to see what could actually be done in
> liveCode as far as orientation of the screen was concerned. I wanted to be
> able to change what was being displayed on screen as the orientation of the
> device was changed rather than having to ‘touch’ or ‘swipe’ to get content
> to change...
> Skribble 1.0
> ‘Skribble’ is an offshoot of something else that I have been working on,
> getting liveCode to recognize letters as they are written on the screen,
> but once I had colour working, I got sidetracked and ‘Skribble’ was the
> result. I had always wanted to call this little app 'Scribble', but
> unfortunately the name had already been taken... I laugh now, but it took
> me two weeks to come up with the idea of substituting the 'c' for a 'k' in
> the name...:-)
> MoneyXchange 1.0
> I put this together when runRev first introduced iOS mobile... It wouldn't
> run well at first as scrolling through the list of the currencies, 94
> groups to scroll that consist of a flag image and two fields to a group,
> proved to be very jerky... the accelerated rendering, however sorted all
> the scrolling problems.. Then I had a problem with the name of the app... I
> had submitted it with the name of 'Filthy Lucre', but the name was rejected
> by Apple as they deemed such a name was likely to cause offence.. so, it
> has ended up with the very unimaginative name of 'moneyXchange'...:-(
> Why am I telling you all this ?... Well, last Friday night I was drinking
> beer in my local pub when a friend walked in the door recently arrived back
> from London... he started to tell me that 'Your little stupid app that
> displays messages on the screen... I have seen them using it in the Olympic
> stadium'.... I smiled at him and took no further notice... This is I guess
> the punchline... Yesterday morning I had a look at my app sales in iTunes
> connect...  sales of 'Tickertape' have gone from 1 or 2 a day to the
> hundreds... in fact todays figures show sales of 558....
> It just goes to show though, it is not advertising that has helped me
> here, it can only have been 'word of mouth' of people in and around London,
> as I do note that all the sales over the past couple of days have been in
> the UK... funny old world.
> Dixie
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