Question Related to gRevAppIcon

Ed Blackhurst blackhurst at
Wed Aug 1 13:16:11 EDT 2012

Greetings --

I'm using the gRevAppIcon keyword to display the icon for my app in the ask or answer dialog boxes, which nicely produces a message preceded by my icon  (e.g. <my app icon> and " You can either PRINT the information that is currently displayed or SAVE it to disk to open later with a word processor." with "Cancel", "Print", or "Save" as the options.)

However, when responding to that answer dialog, if the user elects to SAVE the file to disk and another file by that name already exists, a system message appears that contains both the LiveCode Icon and the yellow "Alert" triangle icon preceding the message: (e.g.,<alert icon with LC icon overlayed> "Variable 1.2 already exists. Do you want to replace it? A file or folder with the same name already exists on the Desktop. Replacing it will overwrite its current contents" with "Cancel" and "Replace" as the options.)

Does anyone know if there's a way to replace those two icons with my app icon, as was done with the Answer dialog? Any help would be appreciated.


Ed Blackhurst
blackhurst at
PLATFORM: Using LiveCode 5.5.1 (Build 1487) Commercial License on 27" iMac running OSX v. 10.6.8

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