Scrollbar/slider attributes

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at
Fri Sep 30 18:43:18 EDT 2011

Hi Ron, Richmond:

Since we receive adequate scrolling feedback when a field has the scroll of its associated scrollbars manipulated, could you, perhaps, connect a field to your slider in some manner and set that field's scrolling to meaningful values? I'm not sure how that might work and how visibility of the field could be used or possibly have it's "width" property set to "0", essentially making it invisible.

Just thinking out of the box, since I really don't understand your needs very well!

Joe Wilkins

On Sep 30, 2011, at 3:28 PM, Ronald Zellner wrote:

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>> Better go for a mouseDown rather than a mouseUp, as the punter (whoops, 
>> "end-user")
>> might slide their pointer off the control when they change their mind.
>> I just mocked up a stack containing a slider and a fld "fTOUCH" and put 
>> this into
>> the script of the slider:
>> on mouseDown
>>   "put "Touched Me!" into fld "fTOUCH"
>> end mouseDown
>> rocket-science it ain't . . .  :)
> Yes, I know how to record the mouse downs, etc, in variables or fields, but I was hoping to be able to make a visible change in the slider to alert the user to those that had been responded to and those that had not.
> In the past I have had checkmarks appear next to the slider to indicate that it was used, but I was wondering if something could be incorporated into the slider itself (e.g. color)

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