[ANN] ObjectFormats plugin

Peter M. Brigham, MD pmbrig at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 00:13:17 EDT 2011

I'm making available for general use a plugin I've developed. Here's from the help text:


What it is

The ObjectFormats plugin helps you apply stored properties to buttons or fields in any stack. Set up a field or button the way you want it and save its properties in this plugin, then apply the whole set of properties to future fields or buttons with a mouseclick. You can store a list of button and field formats and use them whenever you want. 

How it works

Select a button or a field in any stack with the pointer tool, then click the "save format" button. (The plugin only works for buttons and fields, at least for now.) After naming your format, a number of properties of the selected control will be stored and the format will appear in the list in the main field. Button formats will be indicated with a little oval button icon and field formats will be indicated with a square field icon.

Thereafter, if you select a button or a field in any stack and then click on a format in the list, all the stored properties of that format will be applied at once to the selected control.

Certain properties will not be stored or changed, for obvious reasons: the name, label, altID, rect, behavior, script, layer, text, icon, etc., of controls will remain untouched, since they are either unique for each control or should otherwise be handled individually. Only properties relevant to the general appearance and functioning of the button or field will be set, like the button or field style, text appearance, border width, margins, blending, locktext, tabstops, colors, autohilite, showborder, etc, where applicable.

After you apply a format to an object, the undo button will appear at top right. If you regret your reformatting of the object, click the undo button and the previous properties of the selected object will be restored. Note that only the most recent reformatting operation can be undone.

Option-click on the "save format" button to examine the relevant properties of the selected object (without saving them). Option-click on a line in the format list to see the stored properties of that format (without applying them). Shift-click on a format in the list to delete it from the plugin. Command-click on a format to change its name.

To use it as a plugin, drop the ObjectFormats.rev file into your plugins folder and restart LiveCode.


Available at:
.dmg -- http://db.tt/dCBTN1d
.zip -- http://db.tt/Ck6PnYn

-- Peter

Peter M. Brigham
pmbrig at gmail.com

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