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On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 12:54 AM, Matthias Rebbe
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> I entered 2 values for that option menu for example  "Meier"  and "Schulze".
> If i now add a line to the DataGrid, the option menu already shows "Meier". But it is not shown in messagebox  when putting  the dgText of that datagrid to messagebox.
> I first have to go to that button and have to reselect "Meier". After that i get the value "Meier" shown in message box when putting dgtext to messagebox. So it seems the default value of that option menu is not set/recognized.
> Any ideas how i can solve that without adding a "please select" into the first line of the menu values?.

A possible solution could consist to add an empty value on the top of
the values defined in the menu button.


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