Copying from MS word into RunRev 4.0

Jonathan Lynch jonathandlynch at
Fri Sep 2 11:21:17 EDT 2011

Hi everyone.

When I type this word into MS Word: it's

Then copy and paste it into a field in RunRev, the apostrophe gets omitted.
This is on a windows system. The character in question is not the usual
apostrophe, but is the curly apostrophe that MS Word uses.

This is quite an issue for me. My work around is to hijack the paste
operation, use VB Script to create an invisible Word doc and save that doc
as a text file, then use Rev to retrieve the contents of the text file. This
works, but takes approximately 1.5 seconds to complete the procedure.

Does anyone know if the recent versions of Live Code allow for pasting from
an MS Word document without omitting characters? I know it worked fine back
with RunRev 2.5, so I know it is possible for it to be done.
Well, thanks for you help.



Do all things with love

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