Help tracking down a shell problem

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Thu Oct 20 16:11:52 EDT 2011

Hi Pete,

I get


and it is the same in the terminal and in Revolution 4.0 running on Mac OS X 10.6.8.

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On 20 okt 2011, at 22:02, Pete wrote:

> Posted this a couple of days ago and have also been working with LC support
> on it but no joy.
> If you have a few minutes and are on a Mac, could you execute the following
> code and let me know the results:
> *put* line 1 of shell("defaults read .GlobalPreferences AppleLocale") into
> *put* uniDecode(uniEncode(shell("locale -k LC_NUMERIC"), "utf8"))
> I'm getting different results in LC than executing the same shell commands
> in Terminal. I get:
> decimal_point="."
> thousands_sep=
> grouping="0"
> If I execute the same locale command in Terminal, the output looks like:
> decimal_point="."
> thousands_sep=","
> grouping="3;3"
> If you could let me know the OS X and LC versions too, that would be great.
> I'm on OS X 10.6.8 and LC 4.6.3
> Thanks,
> Pete
> Molly's Revenge <>

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