Making Sense of Licenses

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Thu Oct 20 12:24:17 EDT 2011

> But the price of the omega bundle, together with earning 
> deployment options in the summer academy was just too 
> enticing. I gave in and spent the money. However, for my 
> troubles, I lost my main client due to the web deployment 
> module simply not working.
> You can see why I am a bit jaded. 

I can understand that frustration, especially nowadays when its really hard
to get those good new contracts. I don't think I would have taken on a
project using tools that I wasn't completely familiar with, unless the
client was insistent on using that particular tool.

I had a project hit a brick wall for similar reasons (NOT with LC, but with
another product), though entirely on my own dime. What made it worse was
that there was no hope for improvement, because the vendor insisted that
there was an undocumented OS level limitation (that the vendor knew about,
but did not document in their documentation). Since it was an OS limitation,
they would not consider any workaround. That's to say, they could have
resolved the limitation so that it worked exactly the same way on all
deployments, but would not because of specifics of operating systems. To me,
that was 100% contrary to the concept of "build once, deploy everywhere".

LC 5 is a really big upgrade - a key upgrade if you are deploying
graphically rich apps to mobile. There's only so much they can do in a
release, and as anyone who has used LC or RR for a long time will confirm,
ungrading the underlying graphics architecture is a really big deal. I live
in the world of databases more than anything and it excites me :-)

Just to toss out an idea, and depending on your time commitments, you might
consider starting with a useful desktop utility of some kind, or client
based utility. Having multiple irons in the fire really help when contracts
come and go.

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Paradigma Software

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