iOS Simulater No Sound

John Dixon dixonja at
Thu Oct 20 14:34:10 EDT 2011

Todd, Jacque...
I find that sound plays in the iOS simulator. After reading your posts I quickly tried it with an mp3 file and found no problem. I used the 'copy files' pane to bring in the file....
on mouseUp
   put specialfolderpath("engine") & "/Do You Want To Know A Secret.mp3" into musicTrack
   play musicTrack
end mouseUp
and to stop...
on mouseUp
   play empty
end mouseUp
be well,

> Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 12:57:16 -0500
> From: jacque at
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> Subject: Re: iOS Simulater No Sound
> On 10/20/11 12:28 PM, Todd Geist wrote:
> > I am trying to play sound files in the iOS Simulater.  But I am not getting
> > any sound.  When I build it and put it on an iPad the sound works fine. IS
> > there a problem with sound and the simulator.
> Yes, and it took me ages to figure that out. The simulator just doesn't 
> seem to work with sound.
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