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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Thu Oct 20 07:17:45 EDT 2011

Hi Mike,

Basically, you are saying you feel you must buy 5.0 because it is better than 4.6. I am sure that 5.0 contains many bugs and lacks many features, just like 4.6. The difference is that a few bugs were fixed and a few features added, while a few more features, of which you didn't previously know you needed them, were also added in 5.0. Meanwhile, new bugs were created and more features are still waiting to be added.

I'm sure, you will have exactly the same feeling when 6.0 comes out. It is OK to wait a year and see what happens. Don't assume that you need 5.0. Maybe you don't. Pay RunRev only when you think they deserve it. If you find yourself in a situation where you can build a standalone but not for that one particular platform, perhaps you could ask someone to help you.

If you upgraded to Complete a few months ago... shouldn't you be receiving updates for one year without having to pay again? If not, then I'm so happy I didn't upgrade to Complete because I don't understand what Complete is all about!

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On 20 okt 2011, at 06:47, Admin wrote:

> To add to the below questions: 
> I paid for a year of updates, or
> so I thought, when I bought the Omega Bundle much less than a year ago.
> Yet, now I have to pay. As someone who has NO money and would like to
> finish what I started, I was under the impression I was due for a bunch
> more updates. 
> To somewhat answer the below questions: 
> I understand
> that I have 4.6 and anything I make with that, and deploy using, will
> still work, but with all the bugs in the 4.x versions/deployment options
> and the promise of added features and bug fixes in 5.0, I feel truly
> slighted. To make matters worse, I upgraded to complete and only a
> couple of months later, now I have to pay for all updates. (namely, you
> don't have to update and spend money unless you want the 5.0 features.
> However, since things were left unfinished, it seems like you HAVE TO
> pay for the update just to get what you paid for the version before -
> and even that is not guaranteed). 
> That is the main reason I am so
> upset. 
> I wish Runrev would man up and not promise a year of updates
> and a few months later renig. 
> Mike 

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