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> It seems my original post was hijacked with the first response and  
> no one answered my question.
> I need to know when my licenses expire and what it all means. Please  
> point me in the right direction.
> Stewart
>> I have to admit that I have not paid much attention to this lately  
>> so I may have missed something, and also, because my employer use  
>> to pay for my RunRev licenses, I didn't worry too much.  Things
>> have changed for me lately and it looks like if I want to continue  
>> developing using LiveCode, I am going to have to maintain the  
>> licensing costs myself.
>> This is under Commercial License Options
>> When I log in to my account, I see I have purchased
>> LiveCode Development Tools
>> Mobile Deployment: iOS
>> Mobile Deployment: Android
>> Mobile Deployment: Win 6.5 (Pre-Release)
>> Beside the following, I am seeing "Update Addon"
>> Desktop Deployment: Mac + Windows // $129
>> Desktop Deployment Linux // $129
>> Web Deployment // $99
>> And "Buy addon" for
>> Server Deployment // $299
>> Livecode Box // $15
>> The last two make sense, never purchased.
>> What does the second category mean?  Does this mean that my license  
>> has expired, and if I want to be able to deply stand alone apps for  
>> Mac, Windows and Linux I have to pay?
>> Is the Web Deployment the web plugin?
>> How long is the license good for?
>> How can I find out when the other licenses expire?
>> Thanks in advance is someone can point me to where this is explained.
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