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To add to the below questions: 

I paid for a year of updates, or
so I thought, when I bought the Omega Bundle much less than a year ago.
Yet, now I have to pay. As someone who has NO money and would like to
finish what I started, I was under the impression I was due for a bunch
more updates. 

To somewhat answer the below questions: 

I understand
that I have 4.6 and anything I make with that, and deploy using, will
still work, but with all the bugs in the 4.x versions/deployment options
and the promise of added features and bug fixes in 5.0, I feel truly
slighted. To make matters worse, I upgraded to complete and only a
couple of months later, now I have to pay for all updates. (namely, you
don't have to update and spend money unless you want the 5.0 features.
However, since things were left unfinished, it seems like you HAVE TO
pay for the update just to get what you paid for the version before -
and even that is not guaranteed). 

That is the main reason I am so

I wish Runrev would man up and not promise a year of updates
and a few months later renig. 


On Wed, 19 Oct 2011 19:51:23
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> I have to admit that I have not paid much
attention to this lately so I may have missed something, and also,
because my employer use to pay for my RunRev licenses, I didn't worry
too much. Things
> have changed for me lately and it looks like if I
want to continue developing using LiveCode, I am going to have to
maintain the licensing costs myself.
> This is under Commercial
License Options
> When I log in to my account, I see I have
> LiveCode Development Tools
> Mobile Deployment: iOS
> Mobile
Deployment: Android
> Mobile Deployment: Win 6.5 (Pre-Release)
Beside the following, I am seeing "Update Addon"
> Desktop Deployment:
Mac + Windows // $129
> Desktop Deployment Linux // $129
> Web
Deployment // $99
> And "Buy addon" for
> Server Deployment // $299
Livecode Box // $15
> The last two make sense, never purchased.
What does the second category mean? Does this mean that my license has
expired, and if I want to be able to deply stand alone apps for Mac,
Windows and Linux I have to pay?
> Is the Web Deployment the web
> How long is the license good for?
> How can I find out when
the other licenses expire?
> Thanks in advance is someone can point
me to where this is explained.
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