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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Thu Oct 20 11:39:29 EDT 2011

Hi Mike,

I think everybody got a good deal on the Gold edition, exactly because 5.0 was around the corner. Pay for 4.6, then pay again for 5.0 or pay extra for "free" updates. A "very good" deal always has a catch. Ultimately it doesn't matter much whether you accept a special offer or pay for a regular license, but regular licenses give you the freedom to wait a little longer before spending your money.

My advice is: use the old version for making your stacks and buy a new version when you really need it, for example when you're ready to ship your project. There is no harm in skipping 12 months of payments, except that a new license may be more expensive than a renewal, but then you could decide to just wait another 6 months to balance that out. If your project takes a year to finish, you'll be happy that you waited, because now you can buy 5.1 or perhaps 6.0.

5.0 is going in some direction and 6.0 will be going in that direction a little more, making 5.0 obsolete, or maybe it'll go into a completely different direction, giving you another unpleasant surprise. Hard to tell. 

Don't let anyone force you to upgrade. Whenever I am in doubt, I keep the money in my pocket. I suggest you do the same.

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On 20 okt 2011, at 17:11, Mike Felker wrote:

> In all fairness, I attended the summer academy and earned quite a few upgrades/deployment options for free and then they offered me a great deal on the gold option. If it were not for the buginess of the web deployment module and the incompleteness of the android deployment module, I would be far more satisfied than I am. I am just surprised by the version upgrade. I did not see it coming. It was a well kept secret and the time frame just does not seem that long since I opted for the gold edition. 
> So, I am on the fence here. Do I upgrade or not. Fact is, I really like live code as a language. For that reason, I am unwilling to totally step away. Its just that I am severely low on funds, so upgrading ALL my deployment options is impossible for me.
> I fear that if I upgrade to 5.0 I will not be able to deploy to anything except pc and Mac unless I pony up the money for each deployment option a la carte. Believe me, if I could afford $800 per year, I would opt for the complete option. However, times are tough for everyone and I am simply not making the kind of money I wad just a year ago. 
> I am at an empass. Everything I want to create is audio visual in nature and the new 5.0 seems to be going in that direction. 
> Grrrrrrrrrr. 
> Mike

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