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Mike Felker admin at
Thu Oct 20 11:11:46 EDT 2011

In all fairness, I attended the summer academy and earned quite a few upgrades/deployment options for free and then they offered me a great deal on the gold option. If it were not for the buginess of the web deployment module and the incompleteness of the android deployment module, I would be far more satisfied than I am. I am just surprised by the version upgrade. I did not see it coming. It was a well kept secret and the time frame just does not seem that long since I opted for the gold edition. 

So, I am on the fence here. Do I upgrade or not. Fact is, I really like live code as a language. For that reason, I am unwilling to totally step away. Its just that I am severely low on funds, so upgrading ALL my deployment options is impossible for me.

I fear that if I upgrade to 5.0 I will not be able to deploy to anything except pc and Mac unless I pony up the money for each deployment option a la carte. Believe me, if I could afford $800 per year, I would opt for the complete option. However, times are tough for everyone and I am simply not making the kind of money I wad just a year ago. 

I am at an empass. Everything I want to create is audio visual in nature and the new 5.0 seems to be going in that direction. 



Mark Schonewille <m.schonewille at> wrote:

>Hi Mike,
>I agree. It would be nice to either know what to expect or get free updates for a reasonable amount of time. RealStudio offers 3 months of updates for free. That's reasonable and avoids unexpected surprises. Thus I didn't need to think long before buying my RealStudio license.
>When I paid for my Revolution Enterprise license in 2009, I got one single major update (4.0) two months after buying my license. I felt this was actually the version I had paid for, because I already had the previous version (3.5). I felt I was entitled to at least one more major update, because I had paid so much money. The next major update (4.5) was released right after my license expired, while I personally felt I had actually paid for that next update. That's very unpleasant and makes me feel I wasted my money (and that's a very friendly way to describe my feelings).
>Currently, I am trying to decide whether to buy 5.0, but it is very difficult, without information about what to expect, no free updates, no trial versions even (I got free trial versions for older versions and am grateful for those, but the trials only made me find essential bugs and I had to decide to wait). I kind of accidentally asked RunRev to help me solve this problem, but although I did get a few extra trial versions, it was to no avail.
>I asked RealStudio what they think. Although I'm not sure I should quote them, it seems they just can't imagine that the number of LiveCode trial versions is limited.
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>On 20 okt 2011, at 14:36, Admin wrote:
>> Heather, 
>> Oh. In every other program I have purchased, including
>> software IDEs, it is almost always common to get a year (or more) of
>> updates, so it was kind of assumed. For some reason, I thought I
>> upgraded to complete, but you are right about me upgrading to Gold. I
>> checked my purchases. Truth be told, I have not had Live Code that long
>> and had no idea 5 was 'around the corner' considering how much I plunked
>> down (although it was still a good deal). I would have waited if I knew
>> that. I wish there was a product version cycle countdown timer or
>> something. I mean, you went from 4.6 to 5. What happened to 4.7, 4.8 and
>> 4.9???? (lol). 
>> Mike 
>> On Thu, 20 Oct 2011 09:41:10 +0100, Heather
>> Nagey wrote: 
>>> I'm rather concerned about this. The Omega bundle did
>> not include a 
>>> year of updates, and if anyone told you it did, they
>> were misinformed, 
>>> and giving you incorrect advice. Can you point to
>> where this 
>>> information was provided?
>>> I've checked your license
>> entitlement, and your upgrade was to the 
>>> Gold bundle, with a very
>> substantial discount applied due to the free 
>>> platforms you earned
>> during the Summer Academy. The Gold bundle does 
>>> not carry an extended
>> upgrade entitlement, only the Complete license 
>>> offers this. Your
>> upgrade was quite close to the cut off date for 
>>> getting LiveCode 5
>> free however. If you email me in support directly 
>>> we might come to
>> some kind of arrangement.
>>> I'd like to re-iterate however, that we
>> certainly never promised a 
>>> year of updates with the Omega bundle. The
>> only license type we sell 
>>> that carries a year of updates is the
>> Complete license.
>>> Regards,
>>> Heather
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