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Oh. In every other program I have purchased, including
software IDEs, it is almost always common to get a year (or more) of
updates, so it was kind of assumed. For some reason, I thought I
upgraded to complete, but you are right about me upgrading to Gold. I
checked my purchases. Truth be told, I have not had Live Code that long
and had no idea 5 was 'around the corner' considering how much I plunked
down (although it was still a good deal). I would have waited if I knew
that. I wish there was a product version cycle countdown timer or
something. I mean, you went from 4.6 to 5. What happened to 4.7, 4.8 and
4.9???? (lol). 


On Thu, 20 Oct 2011 09:41:10 +0100, Heather
Nagey wrote: 

> I'm rather concerned about this. The Omega bundle did
not include a 
> year of updates, and if anyone told you it did, they
were misinformed, 
> and giving you incorrect advice. Can you point to
where this 
> information was provided?
> I've checked your license
entitlement, and your upgrade was to the 
> Gold bundle, with a very
substantial discount applied due to the free 
> platforms you earned
during the Summer Academy. The Gold bundle does 
> not carry an extended
upgrade entitlement, only the Complete license 
> offers this. Your
upgrade was quite close to the cut off date for 
> getting LiveCode 5
free however. If you email me in support directly 
> we might come to
some kind of arrangement.
> I'd like to re-iterate however, that we
certainly never promised a 
> year of updates with the Omega bundle. The
only license type we sell 
> that carries a year of updates is the
Complete license.
> Regards,
> Heather
> On 20 Oct 2011, at
05:47, Admin wrote:
>> To add to the below questions: I paid for a
year of updates, or so I thought, when I bought the Omega Bundle much
less than a year ago. Yet, now I have to pay. As someone who has NO
money and would like to finish what I started, I was under the
impression I was due for a bunch more updates. To somewhat answer the
below questions: I understand that I have 4.6 and anything I make with
that, and deploy using, will still work, but with all the bugs in the
4.x versions/deployment options and the promise of added features and
bug fixes in 5.0, I feel truly slighted. To make matters worse, I
upgraded to complete and only a couple of months later, now I have to
pay for all updates. (namely, you don't have to update and spend money
unless you want the 5.0 features. However, since things were left
unfinished, it seems like you HAVE TO pay for the update just to get
what you paid for the version before - and even that is not guaranteed).
That is the main reason I am so upset. I wish Runrev would man up and
not promise a year of updates and a few months later renig. Mike On Wed,
19 Oct 2011 19:51:23 -0700, RevList wrote: 
>>> I have to admit that
I have not paid much
>> attention to this lately so I may have missed
something, and also, because my employer use to pay for my RunRev
licenses, I didn't worry too much. Things 
>>> have changed for me
lately and it looks like if I
>> want to continue developing using
LiveCode, I am going to have to maintain the licensing costs myself.
When I log in to my account, I see I have purchased ent // $99
ft:5px; border-left:#1010ff 2px solid; margin-left:5px; width:100%">And
"Buy addon" for Server Deployment // $299 Livecode Box //
100%">The last two
>> ever purchased. What does the second category
mean? Does this mean that my license has expired, and if I want to be
able to deply stand alone apps 
>>> ff 2px solid; margin-left:5px;
>> Web Deployment the web plugin? Thanks in advance is someone can
>>> dding-left:5px; border-left:#1010ff 2px s
>> left:5px;
width:100%">Stewart Lynch CreaTECH Solutions slynch at [1]
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