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Wed Oct 12 18:22:39 EDT 2011

On Oct 11, 2011, at 10:59 PM, Gerry wrote:

> My ISP gives out a new IP whenever I re-connect after e.g. a router restart. So that wouldn't work.   

Not sure what you are saying. Your computer when you use your software might have different IPs or your server is always moving around from IP to IP and no one can connect to it?

If you are saying that people have IP addresses that change, that is not a problem. The thing you are looking for is the same regcode coming from multiple IPs during the same day. If your software only connects once a day, and a reg code gets three hits in a day from different IPs, regardless what the IPs are, you probably have three users with the same IP. Then if that continues for a couple of days, flag that reg code and have those users software check in more frequently than once a day. Then. if during the intensive you get IP-a the IP-b then IP-c then IP-b then IP-a then IP-c etc for the same reg code within the same day, you absolutely have multiple users using one reg code.


> Gerry 
> Kee Nethery wrote: 
>> Log all the server connections. Once a day examine the log files to see if the same unlock code is coming from multiple IP addresses. If it is, that means that person has handed out their unlock code. If you see an unlock code that is rogue, create a text file and put it at that location on your server. 
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