So RunRev wants more of my money- what has been fixed?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Oct 12 12:28:12 EDT 2011

On 10/11/11 11:14 PM, Roger Eller wrote:
> Every release has stated "no changes" in the release notes for
> Android.  Why even bother to have release notes for anything but iOS?

The 5.0 release notes list a number of changes for Android (there are 
several sections on changes, make sure you read them all.) Remember that 
most of the changes in 5.0 deal with the new engine redraw architecture, 
and those do apply to Android in parity with iOS (but you need to read 
the main release notes to see that.) The new engine works great on 
Android and I can attest that it makes an amazing difference. Also, 
visual effects are now functional, stability and memory management has 
been markedly improved, redraw and background pattern issues have been 
addressed, orientation is better supported, graphic effects (shadows, 
etc) now work. These are all in parity with iOS.

There is more to follow soon.

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