5.0: strange graphic artifacts with QT controller

Curt Ford curt at sonasoftware.com
Tue Oct 11 10:42:00 EDT 2011

I just downloaded 5.0, so glad that "the long standing issue of  
standalones being incorrectly sized should no longer happen." on Mac.

I opened up my current project, which includes a number of QuickTime  
control bars linked to mp3 files. They were fine in 4.6.4, both in  
development and in standalones. In 5.0, both development and  
standalone, when you navigate to a card with a QT control bar, the  
control bar is just an outline, as if there were no linked file. When  
I click the 'blank' controller, a normal controller appears about 10  
pixels below the blank one, but it doesn't respond to clicks.

I started a new mainstack, dragged over a QT controller & linked it to  
an mp3 file. I saw the same odd graphic behavior, though the audio did  
play on the controller that appeared after clicking the first  

When I quit 5.0 and re-opened the project in 4.6.4, the QT controllers  
& sound were fine (phew).

Any ideas? Or do I need to stick with 4.6.4 until 5.0 gets some QT  
issues ironed out?  I'm using Snow Leopard, 10.6.8.


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