Another example of the screen refresh problem on the Mac?

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> On 10/10/11 6:04 PM, James Hurley wrote:
>> Ken,
>> Thanks for your careful test. This is driving me nuts and I can't
>> find a work-around.
> The workaround might be LiveCode 5.0, where animation has been greatly 
> enhanced.
> That said, I have a script that moves two objects together that also 
> misbehaves in both 4.6.4 and 5.0. What I had to do was make the second 
> object move faster than the first. Both move commands use a time factor, so:
> move btn btn1 to x,y in 500 milliseconds
> move btn btn2 to x,y in 100 milliseconds
> Then they both move together, only at the faster rate.
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Thanks. I hadn't upgraded to 5 on the assumption that the changes from 4 were for the mobile apps. Happy to see that animation has not been neglected. 

A screen refresh is still required in 5.0 if there is a rapid sequence in the change to the location of an object--on the Mac. It is odd however that "unlock screen" no longer forces a screen refresh on the Mac. However, wait 0 millisec does still work. Something like this works in 4 and 5:

if char 1 to 2 of the systemVersion = 10 then wait 0 millisec

...or there is no visible change on the screen--only the final location is seen. And for reasons that I do not understand, setting the syncRate to 6 (Brnd's suggestion) improves the smoothness of the motion.

Jim Hurley

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