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Wed Oct 5 17:21:28 EDT 2011

Thanks Mark. See below.

On 5 October 2011 13:07, Mark Schonewille
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> Hi,
> I believe this progress indicator shouldn't be visible at all. It is
> AppleScript and in my view it isn't done very well. The progress indicator
> you see is part of the Finder, not LiveCode.

Mark, it's not applescript (fortunately) any more except for OS 9 which is
no longer supported by Rev.

>From the docs:

On Mac OS systems, it uses AppleScript; on OS X, Windows and Unix systems,
it uses the shell function.

I didn't know this either until I read the docs.

And I *really did* see it, lurking behind.  It's incredibly fast, which
Applescript is not and why I'd rather not 'roll my own' - which could be
slower. Also  I don't think read and write commands handle resource forks or
packages properly. And yes I know it's NOT a livecode routine, but as it's
 a shell call - it should have some option for this. I'm calling it a bug
for now.

This stack takes a list of files by file suffix (using Ben's non-recursive
file and folder walker), does a second managed pass and creates categorical
folders named by the suffix chosen, then moves the chosen files to the
folders. Incredibly fast. Works great except for the progress dialog that
It's a great progress indicator and only shows on bigger file transfers.
Small ones don't show. As it should be.

 I created this to try and clean up folders of misc crap on my
desktop<>and doing this
by hand was tedious and inaccurate.

the UI is funky but hey, it's made for me....


is this thing useful to anyone else, BTW?


> Perhaps you could use some GUI scripting to bring that particular window of
> the Finder to front, but I expect it to be a big hassle. If you would
> consider using LiveCode's read and write commands, you could create your own
> progress indicator. Another option is to write a better AppleScript
> programme that doesn't display the progress indicator. Another option is to
> use the cp or mv command in the shell and use a gif image of a circular
> progress indicator. Although I don't like circular progress indicators, this
> solution works very nicely.
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> On 5 okt 2011, at 21:56, stephen barncard wrote:
> > Hello gang,
> >
> > using revCopyFile and it works great on Mac (internally a shell call)-
> and
> > I noticed there is a very nice progress indicator provided but it appears
> > behind the window/stack that launched it and is basically useless as it's
> > always obfuscated.
> >
> > Is there a way to make this indicator show in front or is this a bug? As
> > revCopyFile is blocking, it's not possible to do anything to bring it
> > forward after starting  (unless 'send in time??)
> >
> > sqb
> >
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> >
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