new iPhone 4s

Gerry Orkin gerry.orkin at
Wed Oct 5 02:13:49 EDT 2011


If parts of your messages are off limits for a response then help me by marking them as such :)

There's nothing personal about my comments. We are ALL ill-informed when it comes to speculation about unannounced products. There's all sorts of noise and nonsense in the lead up, some of it specifically designed to manipulate our expectations. You asserted a level of entitlement based on your (ill-informed by the sources you chose to believe) expectations. 

It's just a phone. We don't need to take it so personally :) 


On 05/10/2011, at 3:53 PM, Chipp Walters wrote:

> Gerry,
> No need to get personal. I suppose you're new about these parts. I'm asking
> for opinions regarding the iPhone vs Android. I certainly wasn't asking your
> opinion of my expectations. Clearly you're a fan of Apple. Good for you.

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