new iPhone 4s

stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Tue Oct 4 15:03:26 EDT 2011

watching apple announcement  on CNN on the iPad

Just announced:   iPhone 4s

new A5 dual core processor
7x graphics speed
real-time rendering in a game shown

new battery
8 hours talk time on 3g
10 hours video

14.4 mb  wifi performance

more next post


2 antenna technologies


new sensor 8 megapixel

3264 2448 60% bigger

backside illumination more light
hybrid IR filter

five element lens

f 2.4 aperture

A5 image processor on chip

26% better white balance

timing 1.1 second click to file
.5 for second photo

depth of field

video recording:
HD 1080 p resolution
noise reduction


airplay mirroring

voice feature

Siri - intelligent assistant

fast. smart, AI

plain english question - no learning

meaning behind words

what is the hourly forecast
do I need a raincoat today.
what time is it in Paris?
understands words and meanings.
wake me up tomorrow at 6am
how's the NASDAQ doing today?
find me a great greek restaurants in Palo Alto. (yelp)
give me directions to hoover tower (maps)

reads text messages

search web: search wickipedia for Neil armstrong
currency conversion

play any song  (thru the cloud)

compose and dictate email

[ sqb comment - I will be really impressed when it can do this in Portuguese
! ]


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