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Tue Oct 4 13:09:04 EDT 2011

Apologies if I've diverted the original thread <gulp!> :-)

I don't see the persistent tooltips bug as an OSX issue as for me, this behaviour with the LiveCode IDE, my own stand-alones and ScreenSteps Pro, the (otherwise quite excellent!) LiveCode app. 

Every other app I use with any tooltip features (measured in double figures and including browsers) behaves impeccably in this area. 

Chrome tooltips vanish on loss of focus and in FireFox (7.0.1) they disappear as soon as  I press the Command key - before changing window focus with Tab.

And just for completeness (well, partial completeness!) Screen Steps Pro on Windows 7 (in a Parallels VM) hides tooltips impeccably for loss of focus within a Windows window or when leaving the VM environment.

Upon further investigation, I find that these LiveCode orphan LiveCode on OSX tooltips will:
1, Persist even when switching focus to the Parallels VM
2. Disappear once the mouse enters them when the LiveCode app is not in focus (even when the focus moves to a windows in the Windows VM) 

So, with the thread focus (sic) brought back to mouse events in not active windows, I would suggest that this is about LiveCode default tooltip behaviour not being fully compliant with OSX window mgt standards, rather than a problem in OSX.

On 4 Oct 2011, at 16:56, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 10/4/11 8:11 AM, Keith Clarke wrote:
>> I don't know if it's related (the other side of the same coin?) but
>> I've also noticed 'orphan' tooltips that get stuck after a change of
>> window focus away from LiveCode (IDE on 4.6.4 on OSX).
> I think it's OS X. I see the same thing in Firefox.
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