best data format

Todd Geist todd at
Mon Mar 28 22:39:16 EDT 2011

thanks guys.

Now a couple of follow up questions.

Where is a good place to stick all this data?  custom Props on substack?

I am going to try to mimc some of the things I like about the web frameworks
I have used lately.  I am not sure if this will be possible but I am hoping
to create some kind of local representation of the sever data. Something
like the Model in MVC. Not really in the sense of OOP, but more just as a
place to encapsulate logic that operates on the data.

For example if I building a contact management app, is there some place I
can build some logic that describes a person and what it person can do?

I think I see I can create custom props on an object like a button. And even
setup some getters and setters thats a start.

Has any one gone down this path?  Does it get you anywhere?



Todd Geist
geist interactive <>

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