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Thank you for explaining it in detail for me.  In your reply the directory path
that is closest to my situation you provided is

include "/home/jayb/indirectlyaccessiblelibraries/mydblibrary.irev"

What I am trying to do is move a folder out of public_html and then
provide the proper path to it so it can be accessed by software that
I have installed that is designed to allow you to move the folder for
greater security of files if you provide the proper path.  This is web
development software but in this case I am not using irev to access
the files it will be done by the software using .htaccess or whatever
they have programmed.

In this situation would the folder I moved above public_html that is
named myfiles have the path


That is  all I need to enter when I am asked to change the path of
the folder after I have moved it above public_html?  I understand
how /home/jayb does not need a www address since software
in my domain folder knows where it is but what if I want to give
it a full path with www would it include on-rev in the path?  The
cPanel would show my account as

main domain jayb.on-rev.com
Home Directory /home/jayb

The software is located in a domain that has been added which
is located in the public_html folder and I have no problems with
accessing any files or folders in the domain that has been added.

Is there a path that is valid which uses the main domain in the path
and www to access files in the domain which is located in public_html
or there are absolutely no situations where you can access files with
www and the main domain path on down to the files in public_html.


On Mar 23, 2011, at 2:09 AM, Mike Bonner wrote:

> as jim said, anything in public_html and down is accessible from your
> browser, with public_html being the root. So say you had a file fred.html
> there, it would be http://yourdomain.wheveritsat.com/fred.html  In the case
> of on-rev, your addon domains are mapped to a folder when you set them up so
> their root may not be in public_html specifically, they could be
> public_html/otherdomainname, but this too is handled by the server so still.
> If you have a domain setup called otherdomain.com that is mapped to the
> folder /home/jayb/public_html/otherdomainname.com/  And you had your
> fred.html file in there, you still don't need to use the full path, and in
> fact it wouldn't work.  it would still be
> http://otherdomain.com/fred.htmlbecause the server knows the root for
> that domain.
> The reason to use an outside location for a file would be specifically so
> that people can't just point a browser at it and access the file, which as
> jim said is not allowed by the browser.  You can however, put libraries
> there and include them.  So, if you had a library for connecting to a
> database, and it contained information regarding your setup that you didn't
> want people to poke around in, you could create it above public_html and
> 'include' it from another page within your regular pages. So if you had an
> irev file dbdisplay.irev that returns data from your database and a folder
> named indrectlyaccessiblelibraries folder located in /home/jayb then if you
> have a line like the following in dbdisplay.irev:
> include "/home/jayb/indirectlyaccessiblelibraries/mydblibrary.irev"
> any functions and commands that are in your library would be available to be
> used in dbdisplay.irev. Or more simply, it could just be a file that
> displays content itself but that you don't want snooped, so same deal, just
> include it,and whatever output it has will appear wherever you 'include' it
> in the main file.
> If you are using an .irev as a library for commands and functions, it will
> need to be included at the top of the main file since things are loaded
> linearly.  If you put your include at the bottom, and its used to something
> that appears earlier in the file it will fail because the functions and
> commands that it provides won't be loaded yet.
> As an aside, any subfolders within the main folder for a domain DO need to
> be specified directly, so if you have your domain mydomain.com whose root is
> in /home/jayb/public_html/mydomain.com, and you have a folder in there named
> subfolder then to access pages from within that folder would be
> http://mydomain.com/subfolder/mypage.irev
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