[ANN} iOS UINavigationBar Kit V 1.4.2 Released

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at comcast.net
Thu Mar 10 16:43:42 EST 2011

Looking for a UINavigationBar that will resize for each Orientation of each Device including Android? 
Well iOS UINavigationBar Kit V1.4.2 is Available today. One UINavBar to rule them all.

The Stack includes a LAB to experiment with the features of this Control. Just Launch this stack in your simulator and change from iPod to iPhone to iPad to Android and also rotate the orientation and watch how smooth and simple this grouped control is. Many undocumented features as well.

You can download this fantastic stack from RevOnline:
Lazy River Software Presents iOS UINavigationBar Kit
iOS UINavigationBarKit V1.4.2
Thomas McGrath III

This is just one part of the iOS Kit. This stack has a self contained UINavBar group that behaves the way a iOS UINavigationBar is supposed to behave. The Font, Sizes and Colors are from iOS. Just copy the group to a new stack and set some custom properties of that group and your on your way.

One group for ALL orientations and ALL mobile devices. Included with this stack is a very useful Stack Script that will automatically change the UINavBar to which ever Device it is launched on and for which ever Orientation the Device rotates to.

Resizable Buttons based on the Button Text.
Resizable Navigation Bar based on Device and Orientation that will reposition buttons as required.
Customizable Text  and Title Font, Size, Color, Shadow, Margin, Offset,
Two rows of Individually customizable Buttons for Tall Style Bars.
Bar Colors:
Bar Styles:
Button Colors:
Button Styles:
   Back Buttons
   Forward Buttons
   Default Buttons
   Done Button
   Remove Button

Many more features are in the works for this little gem. 
Coming soon:
Two line text.
Multiple Segment Buttons
Tool Bar
Tool Bar Buttons
Split View Bar
Split View Buttons

-- Tom McGrath III
3mcgrath at comcast.net

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