Following up on shell(locale) problem

Peter Haworth pete at
Tue Mar 1 16:00:09 EST 2011

Hoping someone might come up with some help.  To recap, if I execute the command

locale -k LC_NUMERIC

...from Terminal on my Mac, the output is


However, if I use the LC Shell command to issue the same command and put the output into a field, it gives me:


The thousands_sep and grouping lines don't show the correct info.

I have also tried using the shell command to issue "locale -k LC_NUMERIC > myFile.txt", then accessed myFile.txt with the put url command and used open/read to get the contents, but still the same result. The file looks fine when opened in TextEdit.  I can even copy and paste from TextEdit to the LC field and it looks fine.

I'm really hoping not, but this is feeling like a bug.

Any thoughts?

Pete Haworth

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