Bounty for Google OAuth2 For Native Apps

Todd Geist todd at
Wed Jun 29 17:16:12 CDT 2011


I really want to start messing with my Google Calendars and Contacts with
LiveCode. To do that I need to be able to Authenticate my LiveCode app.  And
I just don't have the time to figure it out.

So I am announcing a bounty of 200 dollars for a library stack that can
Authenticate to Google using OAuth2 for Native Apps.Here are the docs from


   - Include Sample code that can create a Google Calendar and then delete
   - Needs to work on Mac and Windows, all other platforms are optional.
   - The code needs to be releasable as free and open source stack, with no

First one to get me a working example that meets the above requirements wins

Here are the docs from Google

Happy coding and good luck!



Todd Geist
geist interactive <>

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