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On Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 2:21 PM, Andre Garzia <andre at> wrote:

> Folks,
> This is just a little email to show some appreciation for Ken Ray, Richard
> Gaskin, Chipp Walters, Mark Wieder and Jerry Daniels.
> Kens XML Lib saved my life many times but what I want to talk right now is
> about DropTools. Since I installed it, I became much happier and I am
> already thinking about building and sharing new controls. The architecture
> is easy and simple just the way it should be. Ken, Drop Tools Rock! (I wish
> I could replace LiveCode toolbar with DropTools toolbar and
> have a single place to drag controls from)
> Yesterday, I dusted up my old G4 and went for source code hunting. I lost a
> lot of data some years ago when both my intel machines fried up at the same
> time (the main development machine and the main backup clone, two identical
> macbooks, both fried). So while I was recovering from my bad Lion
> installation, I decided to go back to the G4 to fish for some tools I
> liked.
> The G4 booted fine and Revolution 2.7 launched with GLX2 (I also
> found constellation there) man that editor is GREAT, Jerry should really be
> proud and Mark too. I've installed the newly patched GLX2 on my Mac and it
> is great. Talking about Jerry, there is a little tool that he made that I
> think is really great, it is a simple thing but it is really useful and it
> is Time Gadget. Time Gadget is a time tracking tool that is compatible with
> altToolbar. I used that all the time and will keep using it indefinitely
> probably. I think it is a great example of building really useful tools,
> Jerry makes products with great usability, I wish he would still maintain
> TimeGadget or consider giving it to some developer to maintain, it is a
> great tool.
> Marks recent work with GLX2 and PowerDebug adds a lot of power to our
> development cycle. How many times I wished for some feature to be present
> in
> LiveCode built in debugger... now, most of them are in PowerDebug :-)
> Yay!!!!!
> I've already talked about altToolbar many times but I think many in the
> LiveCode community are not aware of it. Chipps altToolbar is to plugins
> what
> DropTools is to controls. Man, so many great plugins. I still use magic
> carpet, interface designer and time gadget. I have my own silly plugins as
> well thanks to Chipps insight in creating an extensible architecture for
> altToolbar.
> Well, I got my first contract thanks to Richards beyond the browser article
> but that is another tale, right now I am thinking about Devolution toolkit.
> It is a simple extensible toolset, not unlike altToolbar with some great
> stuff inside. I know Richard still works in it and may release an update
> someday but the current Devolution incarnation is very good. The only thing
> I miss is an updated form maker... I loose a lot of time building forms in
> LiveCode...
> During the recent years we had an influx of many new users who never used
> these tools, many who are not aware that these tools exist. My advise to
> the
> new guys and gals here is: Grab them, use them!
> and to all the authors, you guys rock!!!!
> Cheers
> andre
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> All We Do Is Code.
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