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Timothy Miller gandalf at
Wed Jun 15 11:09:58 CDT 2011

Thanks, Keith, Slava and Richmond,

Hmm... Tricky...

The database suggestion is reasonable, but I never learned how to use a database with LC. As a pathetic hyperCard retread, I tend to think of LC as a database!

I want to be able to see multiple photos of the same bird at the same time, to get a gestalt of the bird's appearance, from different angles. Hence the desire for a scrolling field or group containing many images of the same species.

I'm accustomed to groups of fields, with different content on different cards. The analogy to images threw me off. With grouped images (as opposed to fields), it's as if "share text" is always set to true.

Having read the helpful replies, slept on it, and tried a bit more trial and error...

I think maybe the way to do it is to make a scrolling group of several empty picture placeholders -- "image areas" is the correct terminology, I guess. For each card, I'll store a list of locations of desired images in a field. (The locations will be on my hard disk, "outside" of LiveCode.) When the card opens a script will read through the field and put the images in the image areas, by setting the "source."

That will work won't it?

There will be complications arising from different image sizes and shapes. Image areas resize to fit the "source" image. I suppose I could get the image rects, after setting the sources, then move them around by script so they don't overlap. Or, to keep it simple, I could use an image editor to make the source images all the same size.

I'm still interested in hearing other suggestions.

As I recall, it's possible to get a field to display an image, though I can't remember how. It's probably not possible to get multiple images to display in one scrolling field, though. True?



On Jun 14, 2011, at 11:37 PM, Keith Clarke wrote:

> Tim,
> Perhaps have a set of 'view' cards, together with an 'input' card (or substack) for data entry that traps the various videos and field data, This input card could have a 'save' button script to create the new 'view' card, copy the images and data to specific locations and add them to the appropriate correct scrollable groups (not set as background)? This 'input' card could then be replicated to make an 'edit' view?
> Best,
> Keith..

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