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Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Mon Jun 13 15:31:20 EDT 2011

> Not after just 4 months. Most software I buy has at least a 
> year lifespan for the license.

The time seems short to me, but then again its not all that expensive to
begin with, so perhaps if there was "full year of upgrades" option it would
be perceived differently. Keep in mind some previous pricing structures of

This is one of the hardest parts about pricing software. Some companies I
know have charged based strictly on getting updates on units less than a
year. It can seem unfair if there are no updates for the period you paid
for. Now if you have a strict "ship an upgrade every X days" schedule, that
could be perceived as more fair. But then, updates get planned based on
those units of time. You could spend that time testing a beta of a fix (or
new feature) only to be told the feature is going to get rolled over to the
next version because of the deadline approaching (which can be exceptionally
annoying if you havent paid for the new time period).

With Valentina, we only work with 12 month periods from the purchase date.
That works well for us, because it means there are a couple of major and
several minor updates during any 12 month cycle - pretty much guaranteed. It
works very well with infrastructure type products.

I guess my point is - I havent met a perfect system yet ;-)

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Lynn Fredricks
Paradigma Software

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