Distinguishing CLI from GUI

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Jun 13 12:54:04 CDT 2011

Warren Samples wrote:

> It seems to be working here although certain letters seem not to be usable. For example -s does not work. I
> can get an answer dialog to return "-h" when used as a cl flag and the app will do something if there is a
> variable $x which equals -h.
> as a silly example, this script does exactly what it looks like it should:
> on openstack
>     answer $0 && $1 && $2 && $3 && $4 && $5
>     if $1 is "-h" then answer "hooboy, it works"
> end openstack
> using this command: '/myApp -h a-param -o some-param' answers "/myApp -h a-param -o some-param" and then
> answers "hooboy, it works".
> openSUSE 11.4 with Bash.


Are you able to get those args when running faceless?

I haven't, but at least the windowID trick seems to be a reasonable for 
around for the moment.

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