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Mon Jun 13 12:37:17 CDT 2011

Hi everybody

Please consider presenting, contact me or Mark Schonewille with any idea considering the event. I have also updated the "participate" page, to include some topics that people have voiced interest in:

As for the current event, Andreas showed a tutorial of epic length, it was about his native iOS control kit. He also has put up a temporary download page for the beta; send him feedback if you try it out!
show (2 parts):
download & more infos:

Colin unfortunately had a very weird problem, where the stream would suddenly show upside down when he tried to play a QT movie in LC. Nonetheless, it was an applauded presentation, showcasing a table to xml conversion utility, and a way to get all movies from a homepage and show them on cards. It seems you all like to hear about these smallish one shot tools that everyone creates?
show (3 parts):
video example stack:

as usual, more of these presentations are available on

Until next time

On 10 Jun 2011, at 14:31, Björnke von Gierke wrote:

> Here we go. Event 27 crawls into existence on its last tooth, and features these presenters:
> Andreas Rozek will showcase his recently released "iPhone Control Kit", a native iOS widgets creation tool. In addition to a small introduction, he'll also give us a tutorial on how to use it.
> Colin Holgate will reproduce a demo he gave recently, where he use LiveCode to scrape a web page for information on the video clips on that page, and used the information to make a set of cards, one for each video clip. In addition, he will show how he used LiveCode to take rows and columns from a spreadsheet, and convert the data into xml.
> In addition, eHUG ( ) will be raffling off the e-book "Take Control of iWeb '09", courtesy of TidBITS,  (These e-books normally cost 10 to 15 dollar).
> As usual, join us next Saturday on ChatRev ( ):
> Western Europe: 20:00
> Eastern America: 14:00
> Western America: 11:00
> New Caledonia: Sun 05:00
> Back issues can be found on


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