[Slightly OT] CSS or Javascript for a web page div that ignores vertical scrolling?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at clarkeandclarke.co.uk
Fri Jun 10 14:53:59 EDT 2011

Hi folks,
I'm having a little trouble with search terms for sorting the web page that will contain my project revlet...

I want to place a little floating widget part-way down the right margin of the web page that stays put vertically wrt the browser window as the lengthy, underlying page contents is scrolled vertically. I'm not sure if this means the div is following the scroll or ignoring it but the desired behaviour wrt scrolling is like the 'Free Trial' and 'What's New' images on www.runrev.com  

Is this ignore/follow vertical scroll behaviour settable via CSS (if so, can someone please name the guilty tag so I can Google it) or do I need to look at Javascript & jQuery?

Oh, if it's matters, the div won't be just an image container, it is destined to contain dynamic content managed via Javascript and use a couple of jQuery functions - but I'll learn about them once I have a box to house the content!

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