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> Timothy Miller wrote:
>> My feeble brain seems to suggest that Mac OS find-by-content will not find text in an ordinary field in a LiveCode stack (not to mention a button or script). I just tried it. OTOH, I don't have much confidence in my feeble brain.
>> Am I right?
>> If so, is there any way to enable such a feature?
> IIRC (I turned off Spotlight years ago; got tired of the constant disk 
> thrashing), LiveCode scripts are automatically indexed by Spotlight, but 
> not field content.

Is there something I am missing? Spotlight doesn't appear to index my scripts and I have everything checked in the Mac OS Spotlight Preferences.

Jim Hurley

> I have no idea why that's how it is; seems a bit backwards to me, but 
> maybe there's a reason for it.
> Anyone know offhand if there's an RQCC request for indexing fields 
> w/Spotlight?
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