Google Chrome and the Illusive Web Plugin

AcidJazz mpezzo at
Mon Jun 6 14:49:04 EDT 2011

I cross posted at runrev beginners forum, but thought folks here might be
interested to know that Google Chrome is now more popular than Safari, and
is actually approaching Firefox as the #2 browser world-wide.  It's not
there yet, but a quick inspection of the the figure below (taken from an
article on CNET last week) shows that Chrome keeps getting more popular, and
Firefox is getting less so.  Why am I posting this?    Just airing my
ongoing frustration that the one browser that the web plugin never works on
is Google Chrome.   Will it ever work?    Does anyone have any inside
information?   I have survived so far by asking people to download an
executable file (which admittedly sometimes has advantages over the plugin),
but there are times when the plugin is the solution.  I wish the good folks
at runrev would either fix it, or admit that they're never going to fix it.  
The runrev website says that in October (of 2010) they expect to start beta
testing a new version.  Is this happening?   I love LiveCode, but I wish
they would, to use an American expression, either "fish or cut bait".

- Mark 

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