My first Livecode iOS App with Externals (SQLite)

Andy Henshaw henshaw at
Mon Jun 6 14:41:02 EDT 2011

Im not sure if the iOS store is the same,  but what happens on the Mac App Store is after an update is released any reviews for the old version get pushed back to a second tab and a note says something like 'there are no reviews yet for this version'.  You can still click on the tab to show the old reviews, they dont vanish completely.

What also happens is,  say for example you have 10 ratings,  average 4*,  the new version retains this 10 review & 4* rating on the front screen, until you get 5 more.  Once you have another 5 ratings (they dont have to be reviews,  a * click will do) the front screen shows you have 5 reviews and shows the average rating of those 5 so you can have an app with 50 reviews and a 5* rating drop down to 5 and a 3* review overnight if the update is not received well.  If you go into the description and click on the old reviews you get a full total (15 ratings + average).

Now just to add one more scenario,  when you update again,  the new version will show the 'no reviews for this version' message,  but the counter on the front screen and the average will be set to all reviews again,  so in this example 15 ratings and 4*.

So,  if you put out an update and someone writes a silly review,  another update will push that to the second screen and include it in your 'all time' average,  but if you have a really good set of reviews and ratings for the current version it is quite scary to put out a new release as all that disappears and you are at real risk of a silly review taking all the limelight.

Its made worse by different countries having quite different take up rates.  Ive found it doesnt take long to get 5 reviews in the States,  but it can take much longer in Canada or the UK and an update hides all the reviews so most users will not see them!

Hope all that makes sense!


On 6 Jun 2011, at 19:21, Darren Jones wrote:

> Maybe i'm mistaken, but i'm pretty sure when I updated an app last week, in the 
> changelog the developer had written "Please leave more reviews as they disappear 
> after update"
> I've tried Googling it, but can't find anything.
>> Then reviews are unusable. That cannot be the case. How could any app that has 
>> been updated ever have reviews?

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