Naive question 666

David C. davidocoker at
Sat Jun 4 01:49:19 CDT 2011

> I am gently assembling a fairly large collection of image libraries by
> "stealing" icons
> and so on from Open Source Apps and Icon collections.
> But don't know how to export those image libraries so they are portable.
> The Documentation says "see the section on Object & Image Libraries"; but
> there seems
> to be no section with that name . . .
> Richmond.

Hello Richmond,
I don't know that I can be of help answering your question, but on the
outside chance that you haven't seen this previously, I'll toss it out
for your review:

Whats included:

2272 application icons
258 International flags icons
238 Device icons
69 Operating system icons
731 Mimetype icons
596 Action icons
273 Status icons

Total icons: 137,396
Unique icons: 10,787
Unique PNG: 10,489
Unique SVG: 3,723

I have found it to be very useful and hopefully, it will shorten your
life of pilfering and plunder. ;-)

Best regards,
David C.

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