My first Livecode iOS App with Externals (SQLite) approved!

David C. davidocoker at
Fri Jun 3 13:49:26 EDT 2011

Congrats Andy.... that really looks good!
Unfortunately I am unable to try it for you since I'm still using my
original iPhone which cannot be updated to iOS 4 specs. Drat, drat,

Best regards,
David C

On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 12:39 PM, Andy Henshaw <henshaw at> wrote:
> I have just had my first Livecode iPhone app using externals (sqllite) approved for the App Store.
> The App is 'Tracker2Go' ( )  if anyone wants a look,  it uses the sqlite databases,  datagrid, internet search, animation engine, charts engine and Scotts  Rossis pie chart controls.  Ive also used the iOS native text fields, iOS browser window (for the exercise and food input spinning wheel), iOS scrollers and network reachability so as a more 'utility' app rather than game style I think ive used most of the new toys currently at disposal!
> I know there has been a lot of topics on datagrids and scroller performance,  so im leaving the app as 'free' in the App store for now so anyone wanting to compare the performance of the scrollers can see how it stacks up,  I don't think its too bad in the end.
> There is still so much more I have to do with the App, iPad next,  then localisation and if Ports come along Ill add a desktop sync,  but as a starting point,  and my first 'real' iOS app built with Livecode im quite pleased with it.
> Andy
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