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Regarding the question of whether LiveCode could be suitable for publishers who want to create interactive eBooks, I agree that such books would not be published in epub or amz format, but how about an eBook created with LiveCode as a pure LiveCode standalone that could be read in the cloud?  Then, it would be accessible through Macintosh, Windows, and eReaders such as iPad that communicate with the Internet.  The question is one of typesetting and laying out the book so that it looks professional (Scott Rossi quality!?) and also would have a means to discourage pirating.  The advantage of considering LiveCode is the vast flexibility that it would have in introducing interactivity within the book.  LiveCode's potential for this presently seems to exceed that of current means of creating eBooks (such as using Quark Express for the Blio Reader).  There is a growing emphasis on creating eBooks that are not merely electronic versions of print books, but books that have something extra, the inclusion of interactivity in the form of hyperlinks, audio, and movies.  Could LiveCode be a significant contributor to this?
Steve Goldberg

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eBooks these days basically mean one of the following file formats:

* mobi
* nook
* ePub


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