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Sun Jul 31 21:32:41 CDT 2011

Earlier today Jacque said:

> > The IDE will replace the system menu with yours when your stack is
> > frontmost. If you click on any IDE component (message box, tool
> > palette, etc) the IDE menus will come back. It's dynamic.

I have not been able to achieve this no matter what value of "editmenus of
this stack" or the check boxes in Menu Builder. In my experiments with
various permutations of those values, the system menu bar at the top of the
Mac OS X screen show either the full IDE menu bar, or my custom menu bar
regardless of which window is the active one and also regardless of whether
I work in the Run or Browse mode. This is on Mac G5 (PPC) 10.5.8, LC 4.6.3.
Here are some of these scenarios:

Scenario 1:
In Message Box
put the editmenus of this stack

In Menu Builder:
Preview in Menu Bar [checked]
Set as stack Menu Bar [clear]

Mode: Browse

No matter whether the frontmost window is my stack, the Tools p[palette, the
Application Browser, the Message Box, or the Inspector, the menu at the top
of the screen is my custom menu, and I can't restore the IDE menu bar by
clicking on windows.

Scenario 2:
Everything the same as above except that it's Run mode.

Same behavior: I see my custom menu bar, and can't restore the IDE menu bar
by clicking on windows. No matter which of them is in front, the IDE menu
bar does not come back.

Scenario 3:
In Message Box
set the editmenus of this stack to true

The behavior of the menu bar is exactly the same as above: my custom menu
bar is up, both in Run and Browse modes, no matter which window is in front.
It never becomes dynamic, if I understand your use of this term correctly.

If I uncheck the Preview in Menu Bar box in Menu Builder, the menu bar
always shows the IDE menus--again, it is not dynamic.

The state of the Set as stack Menu Bar check box makes no difference.

So I must be still doing something different/wrong.


PS. Thanks for your note about the dev list. I am on the list but have not
yet posted the Unicode in revBrowser problem because I wanted first to see
what can be gleaned on this list.

> >
> > To keep your menus in the stack window while you are developing:
> >
> > set the editmenus of this stack to true
> >
> > That basically does the same thing as the checkbox in the menu
> builder.
> > The editmenus property is not persistent across relaunches, so you'll
> > need to set it each time you reopen the stack.
> >
> > I generally work with editmenus set to true until I'm ready to test,
> > then I turn it off.
> >
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