Student Observations on Weekly Presentations

David Bovill david at
Wed Jan 26 04:25:10 EST 2011

Hi Calvin - I know where you're coming from, and as my girlfriend is from
Berlin - I'd say just put this down to cultural misunderstandings - not that
I'm saying Mark is anything like my girlfriend...  hmmm makes me think
Valentines day is coming up - must be a good marketing angle there

Stay tuned.

On 26 January 2011 01:49, Calvin Waterbury <cjw at> wrote:

> The concept of making a "presentation" just to do a "presentation" is
> absurd.  If I do a USTREAM session and don't show the screen properly, you
> will not be able to follow, especially if I never offer enough commentary.
>  Further, if I use my own custom naming conventions that have no relation or
> context to what I am working on additional confusion is added to the mix.
>  How easy would it be for you to understand if I chose to use animal names
> for different parts of a construct, instead of related verbiage that makes
> sense in the routine's context?  The answer: very difficult at best.  If I
> did use animal names and didn't watch the chat, how would any questions on
> the chat seeking clarity ever be seen?

Excellent proposal Carl! Animal names for handlers - has mileage. Seriously
though - I think that you're right - a few more educational events are a
good idea - and I promise to remember to press "record"!

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