[ANN] Data Grid Helper clones your DataGrids and supports the MC IDE

André Bisseret andre.bisseret at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 26 04:23:35 EST 2011

Bonjour TheSlug,

Thanks a lot again for your beautiful and very useful DGH.
Data grids is a superb complement to livecode thanks to Trevor deVore.
But "a bit" more complex than any others objects ;-) )
The properties palette allows to set only a part of the properties and before DGH, I often had to script (via the message box).
Now it's rarely the case; and even for properties that are settable in the properties palette, I prefer the DGH' categorization: seems to me quite faster!

And of course, I love the "Install scripts" part of the DGH: fantastic ;-) it avoids long searches in the data grid" doc!

Magnifique !

Best regards from Grenoble


Le 17 janv. 2011 à 15:45, zryip theSlug a écrit :

> Dear LiveCoder,
> We are pleased to announce the availability of a new version of DGH.
> What we have for you in the 1.2.0 version of DGH?
> 1. A new feature: Mimetism.
> The mimetism feature allows to clone an existing datagrid by putting
> it in a cloning chamber.
> DGH clones:
> - the datagrid properties, template and behaviors.
> - the datagrid dgData.
> This is different than a simple copy/paste of an existing datagrid. In
> DGH, the resulting clones have their own templates and behaviors,
> instead of sharing the template and behaviors of the original
> DataGrid.
> 2. "lockloc" an object in the DGH's TMPL area is now possible.
> 3. Change:
> - DGH supports now the MC IDE.
> - DGH is now more reactive when switching between datagrids or
> applying column or template changes to a datagrid.
> - Icons of the TMPL area objects changes according to the system (Mac
> and Windows / Linux)
> 4. Fix
> - Fix a bug with the visibility of a column in the column editor. An
> invisible column could be set to visible after an update in the TMPL
> area.
> - Fix a bug with the selection of an object in the TMPL area. An
> object was unselected after a drag.
> If you have not already tested DGH, a trial version free for 30 days
> is available here:
> http://www.aslugontheroad.co.cc/index.php?option=com_phocadownload&view=category&download=17:data-grid-helper-plugin&id=12:trial&Itemid=63
> We have also a quick start guide downloadable here:
> http://www.aslugontheroad.co.cc/index.php?option=com_phocadownload&view=category&download=13:data-grid-helper-quick-start-guide&id=12:trial&Itemid=63
> Thanks to William Moseid for the revision of the Quick Start Guide.
> Btw, remember that we have also free materials about datagrids
> downloadable here:
> http://www.aslugontheroad.co.cc/index.php?option=com_phocadownload&view=category&id=7:data-grid&Itemid=63
> Best Regards,
> -- 
> -Zryip TheSlug- wish you the best! 8)
> http://www.aslugontheroad.co.cc
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