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Hi Doug. I just sent this to a use list in response to someone who remarked that no current scientific viewpoint considers such an extreme point of view like Creation to be valid. I thought you might enjoy it. :-)


Hi all.

Actually I find ALL views on the subject extreme. Let's have a brief rundown on what we know so far shall we: A super infinitely small dense point of nothingness got a little too infinitely small and dense and exploded into an almost infinite universe with bits of super (albeit not quite infinitely) dense chunks of matter are sucking it all back into themselves, but there are countless numbers of these, and it's all going to collapse back into itself again some almost infinite number of eons from now, and nothing really matters anyway because we will all be infinitely dead by that time and none of it means anything, except we seem to have evolved this weird sense that it ought to mean something and it hurts somehow to think that it doesn't. Does that pretty much cover it? 

And not only that, but on one of the chunks of very undense (relatively) bits of matter, random chaotic forces of energy and chemistry all came together to form a self replicating protein made of an enormous number of optically pure neucleotides in whaddyaknow the exact right order (because otherwise it couldn't replicate see?) in a soup of otherwise racemic nucleotides, and then the protein was suddenly and just in time snatched up from out of the water and isolated from everything else in the soup which would have attacked the protein and broken it down almost instantly (how timely and fortunate). Then it started replicating (with what other material I don't know because it's isolated now) and why? Because it COULD! 

Eventually all the individual little proteins got together and decided, "Ya know we are going to get along much better if we stick to each other here" and so many of them agreed to this obviously wise course of action that it became "the way things were done". Later some decided there needed to be a nucleus and others decided there needed to be some kind of boundary layer to protect the rest of the protein groups from the hostile world around them, what with volcanoes and lightning going off all the time! Hey presto, a "simple" cell! (I think all those glommed together protein groups might have taken offense to that.) 

At some point one protein group said, "Hey we must be hungry after all this work and goings on, what are we gonna eat?" Another of the protein groups said, "How about sugar?" Another one said, "What's sugar?" All the rest of the protein groups told that one to shut up and so they decided sugar it is! So now we have organisms with lungs that cannot function without blood and a nervous system, and a digestive system that cannot function without all of the above, and we are told that each of these systems developed slowly an almost infinitely small little bit at a time and their own time, even though they would have been useless for almost eons without all the other systems that came along later, but they developed anyway, and then all those systems got together one day and said, "You know we would get a long much better if we all stuck together..." Really? REALLY?????

Or how about the doozie, that minor point mutations, now pretty much universally debunked as a method of evolution, has now given way to the belief that unknown forces for reasons we do not yet understand, made quantum rewrites of a creature's genetic code, so that for an example a bird laid an egg and an snake came out, or something like that. That's not extreme?? I am supposed to believe that all this was caused by a completely "random"  force, an "almost endless series of fortuitous concurrences of accidental circumstance" as I believe one person summed it all up, and not a well thought out plan by a being that knew what he/it was doing? Sounds a whole helluvalot like engineering to me! 

And since no one was there when all of this happened, no one can really say that it DIDN'T happen,  SO THERE! But then by the same token no one can say that it DID either, but they say it anyway and they say it so loudly and so often that no one else can get a word in edgewise. 

So I and my children and my children's children have had to answer in the affirmative or else risk failing the test and getting held back in school and mocked as an idiot. To hell with that! I and my children and my children's children want to get out of the school and never go back, so we lie on the test just to graduate, even though we don't believe any of it and really don't care anyway because we believe something that makes a whole helluvalot more sense. 

It's all fairy tale stuff to me. I am all for people believing what they want. I am NOT for forcing people to believe what the establishment says in order to graduate, or make a decent living in any field of science. That's the way the world works now. Boy talk about religious zealotism! 

But make no mistake, what is true is true, whether or not we perceive it to be so. What any of us believe will not change that simple fact. When the truth becomes evident, we will all have to change our minds to some degree, myself included. Honestly, isn't it just simpler to believe that some all powerful being made it all because He wanted to, and then decided to let our infantile little pea brained intellects in on a bit of it because He knew that it was going to drive us nuts if He left us in the dark about it? I think so! 

Besides I took Jacques time travel stack back to the beginning and those little protein groups didn't know what the hell to do next so I showed them. That's why all of you exist today!!!


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> This extreme view (not seriously considered by science to be an answer to
> any existing cosmological questions) doesn't go extreme enough! :) Try to
> wrap your braincells around THIS doozie:

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