Feature support by deployment type - the state of the art?

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at proactive-intl.com
Mon Jan 24 14:10:07 EST 2011

> Back to my original question, it would have been nice to see in the RunRev
> Store a simple table of which third-party components can be deployed 
> where but I guess anything that risks shattering the illusion of 
> universality is against RunRev's interests, so I won't hold my 
> breath. ;-)

Id say that looks more like a suggestion than a question ;-)

There isn't anything intentional going on here on Runtime's part.

At this point in time (mark!) LiveCode other than the desktop deployment
doesn't support the externals specification. Externals are a kind of add-on,
but not all add-ons are externals. The external architecture is really
powerful, and its allowed our Valentina team to create Valentina for
LiveCode, as well as our Componentman team to create Franklin 3D and
Franklin Audio for LiveCode.

The thing is, everything you have on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux aren't
going to be on new and proprietary architectures - and sometimes that is by
design. There is a lot of stuff you COULD accomplish, but for the fact that
Apple doesn't want to allow whatever that is on iOS.

Runtime is totally on top of these issues.

But, without saying much more - I can say that Valentina for LiveCode ADK
for iOS is in the works, and we have tossed it into the ring for the
Megabundle for iOS. Read into that what you will. This will allow local
datastores of Valentina data as well as communication with Valentina Office
Server and Valentina Embedded Server. If I was going to run a complex query
against 5,000,000 records, Id still probably want to do it on a server and
then pull the result into my mobile, but it is going to be entirely possible
to do that on an iPad.

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Lynn Fredricks
Paradigma Software

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