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Mon Jan 24 13:03:12 EST 2011

How to change the cursor and tooltip on linktext mouseOver. This example
handles a field that is normally unlocked, but allows the user to click and
activate the contents on mouseOver.

>From The Scripter's Scrapbook

local tLinkChunk
on mouseMove
  if (the selectedtext is NOT empty) then pass mouseMove
  if (the mouse is down) OR (the controlKey is down) then pass MouseMove
  if (the mouseChunk is not empty) AND (the mouseChunk=tLinkChunk) then pass
mouseMove # Avoid repeated check on the same text
  if (tLinkChunk is NOT empty) AND (tLinkChunk is NOT the mouseChunk) then
    exit mouseMove
  end if
  if (the mouseChunk is NOT empty) AND ("link" is in the textstyle of the
mouseChunk) then adjustStyle
  pass mouseMove
end mouseMove

on adjustStyle
  -- Adjust style
  set the lockText of me to TRUE --| Or ignore this line to leave the fld
  put the mouseChunk into tLinkChunk
  set the cursor to 8
  set the lockCursor to true
  set the tooltip of me to the linkText of the mouseChunk
end adjustStyle

on restoreStyle
  -- Restore style
  set the lockText of me to FALSE
  if tLinkChunk is empty then
    exit restoreStyle
  end if
  put empty into tLinkChunk
  set the lockCursor to false
  set the tooltip of me to ""
end restoreStyle

May be of some use to you.

Best wishes

Hugh Senior

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Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 12:48:11 -0800 (PST)
From: Alejandro Tejada <capellan2000 at>

Hi Jeff,

I found a reliable way to recreate the error everytime.
The condition that trigguers the error occurs only when
mouseText (or mouseCharChunk) is empty.

Adding another condition: "the mousetext is not empty"
to IF, THEN, ELSE solves the error:

on mousemove
   if the hilite of button "ShowLinkText" and the mousetext <> empty and \
   the linktext of the mousetext <> empty
      put "Actual link is: " & the linktext of the mousetext into fld
      set the textcolor of char 44 to -1 of fld "ActualLink" to blue
      put empty into fld "ActualLink"
   end if
end mousemove

Many thanks for your idea, Jeff! :-)



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