[ANN] TimeMachine

David Bovill david at vaudevillecourt.tv
Sun Jan 23 05:08:18 EST 2011

Thanks for that Roger - great work. I got  a good impression of the overall
scope of time playing with this. I wish I could pull it apart and add to it!

Some feedback:  first on the size of the app, I think it is both too small
and too big. I certainly wanted it larger - the design was too small to get
a good feel for the subject (on my laptop), but at the same time the design
is too big for an iPhone (NB - I think it would make a great liitle iPhone /
iPOD app). Secondly I think a "play" function would be nice to sit back and

On 23 January 2011 03:12, Roger Guay <irog at mac.com> wrote:

> My goal for TimeMachine was to explore a truer perspective of the
> timescales of events relative to the enormous 13.7 billion year age of the
> universe. As an example, the entire history of human existence is like 7
> seconds on a clock scaled to 14 billion years. TimeMachine will allow you to
> select various timescales, and then move through that time span to view
> images of well-known events.
> My apologies for not being able to upload this stack to RevOnline due to
> unknown technical difficulties. But, I really want to share this stack. So,
> you may download it by going to the download page of my website at
>            http://web.me.com/irog/Roger_Guay/Downloads.html
> As usual, I want to thank the LiveCode community for many of the ideas,
> techniques, tricks etc. that you'll find in TimeMachine. You folks are a
> total inspiration to me, and I hope you will enjoy this stack as much as I
> enjoyed building it.
> Cheers,
> Roger
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