Changiing the height of a stack

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Well, I guess I was misled by the dictionary then because it says:

   If a control's *lockLocation* property is false, when you change its
height, it shrinks or grows from the center:  the control's top and bottom
edges both shift, while its location property stays the same. If the
control's *lockLocation* property is true, it shrinks or grows from the top
left corner: the control's top edge stays in the same place, and the bottom
edge moves.

That's exactly what I want to happen with the card.

But changing the rectangle works as well so at least I can do what need to

On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 5:31 PM, J. Landman Gay <jacque at>wrote:

> On 1/21/11 6:57 PM, Pete (Molly's Revenge) wrote:
>> So why is the checkbox even there?
> Don't know. It was probably easier to leave it in place and disable it than
> to remove it and move everything else up. It probably shouldn't be there, I
> agree it gives the impression that it could be used for something.
>  And, with respect, there is something to
>> lock - the top left of the card when you change its height via script,
>> that's all I want to use it for.
> But lockloc doesn't restrict that for any object. For what you want, you
> need to manipulate the rect of the object, whether it's a stack, a button,
> or anything else. Size always changes from the center outward.
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